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India is a democracy where the government is of the people, by the people & for the people. Indian parliament is a bicameral Parliament, Lok Sabha or the house of people is the lower house, members of the Lok Sabha are elected by the people by their vote in every General Elections which are held fresh every five years.  Every Indian citizen above the age of 18 has the right to vote as per Article 326 of the Constitution of India. Citizens vote for their favourite political party and their candidate to decide who gets the maximum support which determines who becomes the Prime Minister or PM of the nation. The next Indian PM will be decided in the year 2019 General Elections for a 552 member Lok Sabha, any party that manages to get 273 seats in its favour either by itself or with the help of an alliance forms the government at the center and the party officials elect their leader, the next Prime Minister.

The 2014 General Elections saw a turn table effect with the change in ruling party at the center after 10 years of UPA rule to BJP which emerged as the party with single largest seats in Lok Sabha. What followed was a series of economic & internal decisions which on one hand shook the country but did not deter the ruling BJP to gather more lands in subsequent state elections like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Where the country is still recapitulating from the after effects of Demonetization and GST it seems the way Indian leaders are perceived by the rest of the world is changing with a PM who speaks his “mann ki baat” with fellow countrymen often and also travels often to other countries in an attempt to strengthen the India image in the world.  2019 General Elections will have the whole world looking at it for sure with keen eyes.

This website will give you a platform to know the latest from the election news, views, opinion polls, you can know about your favourite national party in detail and even give your personal opinion on other various aspects in order to gear up for the 2019 General Elections. We will also cover various state elections as they come which as some say pave the way for the general election mood.